482440_565419806860565_1191209278_nBorn in Copenhagen in 1981, incidentally the same year that Springsteen released “Hungry Heart” and Nintendo published the first of many “Donkey Kong” games, Thomas has been something of a lacklustre layabout.

He’s worked in tech for more than a decade, and – true to form – has a knack for troubleshooting. He’s served his time in the trenches of customer support with major ISPs, run his own business for over four years and helped build and launch several websites and applications.

But more than that, he’s a prototypical nerd. He enjoys programming, roleplaying games, system administration and gaming. Oh, and good food, great wine and amazing cocktails.

What’s the deal with the name?

Well, “I hate it here” is the fictional column of outlaw journalist Spider Jerusalem from Warren Ellis’ masterpiece comicbook “Transmetropolitan“. If you’re unfamiliar with it you really ought to check it out.

Consider it an homage if you will, but I rather liked the title and Ellis’ work in general.