Something about me …

My name is Thomas, and I am a project manager, producer and programmer. Not always in that order.

I build things for the internet, and have slowly segwayed into building things in the real world too – mostly experiences.

I started my career in tech support, and started learning to code. I am a digital native, and grew up using the internet. To say that it permeates every aspect of my life is a gross understatement.

I am always looking for the next adventure, the next gordian knot to unravel.

Work life

My client list features notables such as Bombardier Inc., Orkla Foods, Roskilde Festival, Aalund Research, Beam Berlin, Intl. Red Cross, The company P, National Gallery of Denmark, Christensen & Co., and many others.

2018 – now: Head of Tech @ Medeltidsveckan på Gotland
I started with cleaning and organising over twenty years of volunteer crafted IT solutions, and reorganising and redesigning our website – compiling several individual minor sites into a single property.
I reorganised all of our structure into Googles Clouds offerings, and migrated the entire organisation to Google Workspace.
Then I moved on and developed Clicker, a people tracking and crowd management system that enabled us to run our in-person festival in 2021 – with zero covid cases attributed to attendance.
In 2022 I designed, built and implemented our new participant signup and review tool, enabling the team to do in weeks what used to take months; review and approve applications for market vendors, performers, lecturers, guided tours, and much much more.

2017 – 2018: Release Manager @ FRVR Ltd.
I joined FRVR during their early startup days, and was tasked with managing and streamlining the release process. I negotiated with external QA partners, coordinated second party developers and maintained documentation of the internally developed JS game engine.
During my tenure the portfolio grew from eight titles across three channels to more more than twenty-two titles across ten channels. In the same period we also saw a growth of 4 million MAU to 65 million MAU.

2014 – 2017: Freelancer

2012 – 2014: Lead Developer @ Campground

2009 – 2012: Concept Developer @ MGStærk

2005 – 2009: Network Operations @ EnergiMidt

Notable projects

Heroes and Generals
Assisted Reto Moto in rebuilding their online presence, and has maintained a high-trust relationship for several years. Implemented cutting edge attack mitigation strategies while allowing the company to maintain contact with its community of more than 14 million passionate registered users. Designed and built their custom hosting setup allowing their website to organically grow from 50.000 MAU to 450.000 MAU, using autoscaling technologies.
Grew their platform from a simple website to massive online presence spanning community forums, leaderboards, support tooling and ecommerce.

Anmeld Det
Worked with Danish NGO Red Barnet to optimise and secure their platform for reporting, managing and tracking cases involving abused children and trafficking. The primary focus was on ensuring data integrity and security.
The project covered designing and implementing a new secure hosting platform, ensuring that the data gathered is protected, as well as rewriting critical parts of the applications to follow modern standards and best practices.


I try to get away from my desk as much as possible, and to that effect I have a couple of side projects I spend a lot of my free time on.

Witchards Society
Acquired by The company P in 2019 after the collapse of a large danish larp studio, I joined the team first to assist in providing technical support and building a digital platform for ticket sales and merchandising.
Over time my role grew to encompass operations, and ultimately led to me running operations and reshaping the team to make this magical experience long term sustainable.
I have coached the team, restructured processes and workflows, and overhauled our economic framework.

In 2016 I created a Facebook page for a game that a handful of friends and I had been playing for the better part of a decade at that point, on the assumption that if we thought it was fun others were likely to, as well. I was right, and today we have a large international community full of kind and generous human beings.