Choo-choo, motherfuckers

In which our hero returns from the dead!

Hey, look at me. I haven’t blogged in over a year. And now I’m writing again. Has anyone ever returned from such a long exile?

Yes. Yes, they have. Plenty of times.

Anyway, today I start a 25 hour long train ride to Kiruna. The trip is just a short getaway to the Ice Hotel in JukkasjÀrvi. Northern lights and all that jazz.

It’s going to be a much needed break. The last three months have been an almost non stop crunch. Between running Oddity Industries, joining the Witchards team and rebuilding College of Wizardry and rewriting Kin I’ve essentially been working three jobs.

So I am slowing all the way down. My journey begins just after 8 in the morning tomorrow, where I board the first of three trains. Aarhus to Copenhagen to Stockholm to Kiruna. So as much as I am looking forward to the destination, I am also very much looking forward to the journey.

I’ll try to write more as I go, because … well, I think writing is really good for me.

Anyway, stay tuned. Hopefully, there’ll be more to read soon.