Everyday Carry

Inspired by my friend David, this is a small post about the stuff I’ve got in my pockets on a daily basis.

  1. Car key to my super reliable Toyota Aygo. It is aptly named Zuul: The Destroyer of Worlds. (Yes, that’s Admiral Ackbar on the keychain).
  2. Every other key I need; apartment, letterbox, work keys, key fobs and what have you.
  3. Apple iPhone 5. I have no need to be on the bleeding edge, and this guy has withstood ridiculous amounts of punishment. It doubles as my portable entertainment center, and is hooked up with Plex, Spotify and more.
  4. Lansky World Urban Tactical Knife. I was given this as a gift from Jakob, and it is just amazing.
  5. Apple EarPods. Super great earphones are wasted on me, as five years as a phonebased supporter has given me the gift of tinnitus.
  6. Slim wallet. I hate having bulky wallets in my pockets. This awesome one has four card slots and space for a few bills. No more, no less.